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Dream Intentions
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Dream Flow
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Dream Creations

Be Brilliant

95% of Your Mind is Sub-Conscious.

And, It Runs On Automatic.
Direct Your Mind to Bliss.

Discover how knowing your senses will help you Upgrade Your Live Dreams and Experiences

Transformational Journeys

Dream Journey

Dream Journey

In this experience we'll go on a journey within your own personal dream world, the space where your subconscious runs the show. We'll speak with the parts of you you're called to know; you'll activate & change your world as you dream.
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Sound Journey

Sound Journey

You are an instrument, life experiencing itself. Your thoughts and feelings are a vibe ride, a journey full of visuals, sounds, words and interactions. Be the conductor of your experience and cultivate the media of your mind with this experience.
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Inner Journey

Inner Alchemy

Discover and upgrade yourself. In this journey, you will get to know the universe of your inner pulse, rhythm and rhymes. You'll get to know the media of your mind, and you'll get to know tools to activate and cultivate your daily life.
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