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Self-development has many passages, ways, avenues, trails, paths, its your journey, it’s your choice. It’s truly a heroes journey to create not only the story of your dream life, yet the experience of the story. And it begins with the story of your mind.

If you’ve come here,  you are likey interested in a journey that is close to home in exploring your mind-body experiences through intentional reality creation with the instrument of your body, yourself, your dream world self, this vessel that is the creation of you, in your true reality. 

Like a ship at sea in the world of you, you may be swimming in a myriad of possibilty in the abyss of you. As an explorer, you may be navigating to the north star of your dreams.

May you be gifted with being happy, content and alive with your chosen, intentional self being, as you revolve around the globe as a conscious, intentional, evolving being.

If this resonates with you, this course Upgrade Yourself: Live Your Dream™ is for you. This is the beginning of a series of Upgrade Yourself™ courses offered by Lotus Love Dreams™  with Dream Vessel Studio™ .

May your dreams come true!

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Properity Mastermind


Prosperity Mastermind, starts every new moon near Monday on "Money Mondays." This for our communities to grow prosperity of all kinds .
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Brand New You Social

| Brand New You |

This course will help you brand your new you, product or social media, create a brand and social look and feel, and how to use AI to bring it on.
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Masterminds Courses Available Later


| Transformations |

Transform Your Nightmares into Dreams, choose a new reality a new you. This is for anyone with any kind of PTSD.
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Dream You Thing

| Dream You Thing |

An advanced course of dreaming you and "youthing" your body-mind suit.
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The Path to Your Dream Life

We will guide you
through an experience of your dreams

The path to your dream life is written within you. It is your mission, if you choose to accept it, to awaken to your dream life through a series of techniques that open your mind to your creative visions, personal truths and full-self reality.