Curandero the Gift


Curandero with the eyes of the earth, you see. You see the through the veils into the unseen, you dream of the dream undreamed, you are a spark, a remote control for new belief.. you speak with me in my heart, when I listen I know it’s your art.


You are telling me, to go ahead and let it be, it’s okay to be the dream.. 

It’s okay to be me.


Curandero with the eyes of the earth, you see. You see through the veils of the world’s shenanigans and you hark the moon striking a cord of love every gleam.. The beaming light anouncing to you the prevailing world’s dreams,  unknown and to be found in your streams..


Curandero, this is the time of you and me, I am your Curandera, your priestess, your divine love who reminds you of the world you seek.

Ode to the curandero in you in me, dreaming of the curandera in me, in you…

Curandero. You hold the gift to give in your right hand, and the gift to receive in your left. Your hands are like magic, and you use them to create worlds you love. The worlds you dream of in your minds eye are worlds you wish to see for everyone to come alive.

You see the hearts and souls of the people, and you know me, you know my heart no matter where it may be.


We’ve met in many paradises, awaiting our appraisal and we are here, and there to bring our surprises to all.. treasures of our love…


This time we came with a contract to bond in the space from beyond into human form.


My body, in this life time and many, was made for yours, as yours was made for mine. The familarity goes beyond skin deep, and digs deep into the core.. if only our bones could remember. Mine are dreaming of you again, and wish to bring back that cheer again. The sound of the celebration of every one of our cells meeting, in the joy of our bliss uniting for creation.

Creation and creation that expands in all fields.. that grounds into the real.. creation that comes home to the zone, as we hone in the roam.. to a healthy, intentional storm… 


Curandero. you would get it.. all dimensions, time and spaces, you would see through the cardinal and into the hue of the air, the ether, the matrix as we weave her hair.. filligree…


I am, at, this time… hurting my curandero.. my heart is heavy, sore and sad.. oh how I have missed you and our art. yet the learnings that I have been gifted have blinded me to our well knitted empire of being we dream in our golden thrones that we fly into the dimensions that we bring on and don’t want to deny.. i’m yearning… and yet there was an interference field that I had to learn about it seems.. and now I’m seeking my way back to you.. the ship of our dreams.. and.. 


when will I meet you again and again? eye to eye, breath to breath, hip to hip, your lip touching mine, your hand in the small of my back, remembering you.. you told me to remember you when they took me away from me.. I’m sorry if you’re saddened if I hadn’t remembered you and found my way home to you.. I believed in authorities outside of me.. who told me that, you , that I, couldn’t be..

so.. now.. this is what i do.. i write so I may dream.. I cannot utter these words, my fingers speak as wings of my heart.. I can sing it, yet, then that is an art, that goes by the winds and the fires.. in ritual.. some beings may hear, yet mostly, it’s been written in the akashic records, until the time comes that I wield my magic in the dream of love …


and so.. i thought, and i’ve prayed and I’ve asked, the dear guides, angels and allies to show me the way to bring you to me, me to you..


and I don’t know what to do.. there are people in this world who use this information against me, or for me, I just can’t tell.. 


where are you my love ? speak with me.. I am pleading now with a field of whiteness as black letters typed on a screen. . poetic and beautiful this was for a moment, and then it became a sorrow, a doubt, I want another way.


I was hoping to send to a man whose been.. or was.. or I thought, was you. yet perhaps, he isn’t so, this is what makes the world here.. some strife..


I am stuck in the sorrow of him not seeing me, not knowing me thinking it’s you, my curandero..


yet if he were you.. I know he’d love to hold me and hear me.. 


and this very man.. he hasn’t done this, or he has rarely, for me.


yet when he does it.. i feel it is you.. I feel him like no one i have yet. i am not sure if it’s real. it’s more real than i’ve ever known it’s true.


perhaps he’s a catalyst or another experience of a thing.. yet he speaks to me.. and i hear him, and i listen, yet i don’t always understand.. i don’t know how to bring it to my left handm as my right hand leads the way as if i were a man.. 


strong woman i have been in this world.. and i dream to be held so i may swim, fly and dream.. with you.. 

my curandero, i am your curandera.. and together we sing.. we dream, we beam, the world into this new thing.. 

where intention is our main attention, we pay it with all our heart and soul embodied.. and i know you, my curandero, where ever you are.. in my heart, with my soul and walking and danccing this earth.. may we meet, may we know, may we hold each other again.. we promised.. and every day that goes by tha tthe promise isn’t held into the earth’s momentum of reality fabricated by our dream minds creation.. i cry.. in a conundrum.. in a spiral of loss.. and i know this is the dross that is to be changed into a new series of fluffy, dream, love bed moss and crystal rock beds.. 


i miss you, i know my curandero wouldn’t laugh at me, and be bored with me when i am finding my way home, when my chrysalis beckons for the imaginarium sensorium, the imaginary cells that create me into me.. 


douse me.. drench me.. pour on me the rains of this glory, this light, this blueprint coded in our shared dream..


i must remember, i must know. and for me to realize it could be true.. just give me a hint, more than a hint, whisper it is so.. universe.. give me a break and hold me for the sake of love.. i will melt in your arms.. if you let me and give me the time


Curandero.. i know you have learned the ways that a woman life me would love, or you would like to.. i can teach you.. if you want to know.. and know.. i too want to know.. and for this.. time is our friend.. i want time with you my friend, my love, my husband, my brother.. I am your curandera.. your dream woman alive, here, in flesh, and blood and bones and the magic of the light we sew together.. spread that seed with the filligree of our momentum, the stars struck with the dust of our love.. remember.. remember me, and we too shall see.. what we may make in this reality sake.. sacred dream, bigger.. 


LOVE unconditional. let’s see, feel and know.. 





here for making love weave with energetic bodies aligning with each other, spirits in resonance, releasing the shields and the old resistance and melting into the new weave, the butterflies of our metamorphosis dreams..


i need you, to help me dream this beam, code it together. this is how we unite the world and change it together.. no one is alone. a dream is only a dream when we dream it together.


open the door. here’s the key. dream with me.    


D.E. Love writes about life and how we may love it more deeply. She is a conscious creator across industries who dreams of love in all its magnificent forms becoming a deeper part of our lives for thriving into our shared future.

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