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On Your Experiences

It’s our philosophy that it’s a joy to be alive, and the experience of being embodied is a flow of our spirited nature, and when we breath life into our innate embodiment, life will be brimming with bliss.

“Intention, Intention, Intention is the new landscape of reality.” ~Lotus Love Dreams

The kind of experiences we offer intentionally trod the inner landscape of mind and body. They are sense, sound, imagination, feeling and thought based journeys. They include music, dreaming, voice, art, creativity, dance and instrumentation. 

We have traveled the worlds. We have traveled the globe to meditation centers, musical experiences and shamanic journeys. We use the practices of ancient, modern and fusion traditions which use breathing, visualization, sound, thought, feeling, dreaming, connecting and intentioning to enhance the potential in the landscape of you. 

The sessions are called Dream Alchemy, Sound Alchemy and Dance Alchemy. Each one of them include a set of techniques to discover and hone in on the body-mind and tune it!

Great question. We will arrange that as soon as we’re closer to launching the course. If you’re here, you’re an early discoverer and will love your patience.

Right now the session packages are available with the upcoming course starting in February 2023. Sign up for that.

On Meditation

Meditation is a practice including mind focus that induces a state of being .

Yes, there is more than one meditation type, there is a vast amount of  diverse meditation types.

There are meditations traditions in cultures across the globe and across time. There are ancient traditions and modern traditions, and fusions.

There are so many different styles of meditation, there are tons of books known, unknown and yet to be written about ancient to modern legacies, downloads from gurus and teachers, masters and the divine.

One of our teachers, Osho, is famous for having a large library of books from around the world which include meditative, healing, alchemical, yogic and all kinds of practices, teachings and techniques that he studied and then created fusion experiences from at this Meditation Centers in India and the US.

The basic meditation types are contemplative and no mind.

Contemplative meditations are the most popular and varied as they include a focus, or a contemplation, on an activity, place in space or experience. 


The intention of a meditation practice varies on the type of meditation and the goals, challenges or needs of the individual choosing a meditation style and their intentions to meditate.

Their results may also be more or different than they had ever expected or  imagined.

Meditation opens people up to deeper realization, intelligence, creativity and capacity. It benefits the mind, body and soul. The nervous system and brain, the organs. All of you.

Generally, meditation trains states-of-mind and body. For instance focusing on state-of-being, letting go of a state-of-being,  watching a state-of-being, or becoming a state-of-being.

Meditation is for experiencing a new mind-body state of being.

Meditation can be used for mindfulness, calming, releasing trauma and discomfort, bringing clarity to life or a situation, bring order to chaos and bringing balance and stability to the mind-body experience.

The benefits and results of a meditation practice may be more and different than you could have ever imagined!

Meditation opens people up to deeper realization, intelligence, creativity and capacity. It benefits the mind, body and spirit, bringing you into balance, calm and deeper understanding acceptance and gratitude of yourself. It gives you access to the internetworked spaces, nook and crannies, caves and skies, and light codes within.

It helps the nervous system, the brain, the organs, the cells come into homeostasis.

It helps people release stress, get out of fight, flight, freeze and go into rest and digest, and come into to awe and wonder.

Meditation benefits all of you.

Meditation will benefit you where you need it. It is an experience personalized and directed by you for you.

  • Meaningful experiences on personal journeys
  • Activation of Creativity
  • Reality Creation
  • Awareness of Inner Dialogue
  • Deep & Creative Listening
  • Remembering and Discovering  Personal Passion and Purpose
  • Full Body Awareness
  • Realizing the gift of life
  • Feeling good in their body
  • Activating body & mind health
  • Feeling like they can do it
  • Feeling the beat while dancing for the first time
  • Feeling supported and not alone
  • Knowing there’s a network of like-minds
  • Tapping into realities they’re interested in
  • Knowing and activating caring interests
  • Getting into deeper connection with higher self
  • Finding meaning in life
  • Creating impactful solutions
  • Knowing authentic self
  • Being okay with oneself, in fact, loving!
  • Life re-igniting when depressed or suicidal
  • Being grateful for ones life, passions and existence
  • Serving life on earth with positively impactful incentives
  • Discovering their own depth
  • Discovering and expanding self brand
  • Creating brands

There are so many, here are a few meditation techniques that we may share with you

  • Vipassana, Shakti, Yoga Nidra, No Mind
  • Sound, Guided, Mindful, Transformational
  • Yantra, Mantra, Tantra
  • Dream Alchemy, Sound Alchemy, Dance Alchemy
  • and so many more.

Read our article in our blog.

On Dreams

Rapid Eye Movement reveals that we are active in our sleep at night. We dream when we sleep at night. The sleep state is not a passive mode, it’s a dream state, an active experience within our mind where we rehearse our life’s momentum.

Dreaming happens when we sleep at night and also during the day. Dreaming has a broad meaning from hypnogia to deep sleep dream states to day dreaming to cosmic surfing. There are many types of dreams, awake dreams, lucid dreams, sleeping dreams, nightmares, wishes, aspirations and desires, the subconscious mind states, the cosmic entanglement, the whispers of the spirit, the ethers,  to quantum revery and ritual.. 

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