Privilege and Tulum

This writing I wrote and sent to a Tulum group chat where people were discussing privilege of the Ex-Pats and the locals who serve the privileged for very little money


This conversation is wonderful, and I’m so happy to hear it and would like to contribute as I feel into these subjects often…

I too have had a journey with this idea of “privilege” coming from one side a poor engineering family from Amsterdam who lived 5 people in one bedroom during WWII and couldn’t eat and neighbors were killed for holding people “safe” in their houses, and the other side a well-off hotelier and arts family from south Holland. Both of my parents dreamed of California and that’s where I grew up in different kinds of schools with different kinds of people, and so many were struggling to be kind and let go of their generational traumas. I personally have been challenged with being blond-haired blue-eyed smart and pretty girl who was beat up for being that in my schools and held back by abusive teachers and relations. And so.. I traveled, to find out more about the world, and discovered how to heal the networks within that don’t serve the creations I came here to do. I explored my hearts and the hearts of those around me, and learned it was okay to be me.

These experiences of being guilty for existing gave me deep ailments from childhood on where in Tulum, I finally spent what I call my “sabbatical” to totally heal and live my true dreams rather than living the oppression that happens in all classes. I needed to do this to be sure that what I create for humanity, with my privilege of being among intelligent technologists and creators in my adulthood, be saturated with healthy and diverse knowledge, experience, intelligence and uncondiitional love for humanity and our movement into a potential conscious evolution. This is what I’m rooting for and this is what brings meaning to my life, and also does for others.

I feel it’s important to go out of our way to help people heal and become whole, to help them feel good, to give them a reason to live, a meaningful purpose, to give them access to ways to better their skills, and ways to discover how to better themselves. Everyone has that right, and will hopefully have access to the “privilege” of the way to become the best version of themselves. That’s my goal, my mission and what I’ve been developing and designing….

We’re all interconnected on earth, what would it look like if we all were healthy, wealthy and enjoying unconditional love?

In regards to the wonderful locals in Tulum who have been supporting the travelers to lead beautiful, luxurious lives is that the Mayans used to live to 100, and now they live to 50. This is a loss in one generation due to their lack of knowledge about how to tend to their needs while working to create empires for whoever has the money to pay for the work, just enough, to keep them drinking coca-cola instead of healthy waters, and sugary foods and breads that bloat and block their system and is not exactly “smart making” food tech. This kind of consumption in fact fogs the memory, the feelers, the intelligence and the body, and kills people early. I experienced it for a short while in Tulum as my assets were stolen from me in Tulum and I couldn’t raise myself back up again after so many had stolen from me, abused me and beat me up. I just didn’t have the energy anymore and I needed to heal.

Thanks to my devotion, the people and time in Tulum, I am finally accepting that I am a woman of “privilege,” and that it’s okay, and that I can use it for good. And that no, I don’t have to beat myself up and eat unhealthy and lose the gift of this embodiment to prove that I wasn’t worth anything to a society that hates.. so much.. yet instead, be more like the Mayans who are often so happy and seeing the bright side, a positive bias, and use my life experience to help better the world in whatever way I can. This is humanity, this is meaning, this is purpose, this is love for life, this is the potential of thriving, this is what we can do and dream and weave together.

Ask them, ask people what’s their dream. Speak with the people “who serve you” and help them feel human, important, seen, felt and known. Show your care.

Sometimes this is the most beautiful gift one can give, it goes beyond money, it touches spirit. Many of the seemingly privileged actually don’t have much, yet we are rich if we can share the love. They are drawn to Tulum because they want to create a better, more beautiful world with their hearts and their art. They want to heal generational traumas, and become the best versions of themselves. This is why I fell in love with Tulum in 2015 and stayed, despite what happened to lose my home, access to food, my computer and phone – which is my livelihood. I learned a new way, and I discovered the best of humanity, and their passions for life, what has meaning for them and where they’re lost and searching for that which will create an awe-inspiring world for all they touch.

In the degrees of separation, we’re all connected. What happens to one culture, effects another.

Even if we don’t have riches, we have our humanity, we have our love, we have our intelligence, we have our own unique, innate beauty, and we have the ability to brighten people’s lives daily, and beginning with our own. This is gives a meaningful spirit of life, and in a world of poor hearts, who’ve lost their way, to remind them about how special they are can brighten a world to live, to create, to love to give.

So what can we be together with the manufacturing of ill-will toward each other – a hidden war that highlights the discrepancies to a fight. How can we instead dream a new light and invite delight? How can we re-code our own systems to enjoy living and inspire people to wake up to the nightmare and dream a dream that’s win-win-win for all?

How can we dream of and uplift the world one breath at a time ?

I have a dream, that we dream the world that we love together.

And so, may it be. It is so, it is so, it is so. So be it. And it is.

Happy New Year all.




The points are that if you have privilege to use it wisely to uplift humanity and that if everyone did this, life on earth would be elevated amazingly!!


D.E. Love writes about life and how we may love it more deeply. She is a conscious creator across industries who dreams of love in all its magnificent forms becoming a deeper part of our lives for thriving into our shared future.

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