Silicon Valley Daughter – 2

Wow.. for a Silicon Valley girl, I certainly just had a challenge, even typing the title in.

I’m using a new program, that actually another tech entrepreneur / digital product designer showed me this program, now called Obsidian, a few years ago, and I stuck with Google because all my documents were there. Yet because.. well.. do I want to talk about technical malfunctions that have been very challenging and put me into a predicament of wondering where my next meal is going to come from?

Not that that’s unusual for me in the past few years of living in Mexico. After people stole from me repeatedly in both Mexico and the United States, I couldn’t handle it any longer.

I was doing something wrong. I’m a potent being and this keeps on happening. Check in with yourself.

I was always on the journey to heal, I would do a little bit, and then I would work, hoping I could do more, and then some and then work. And often, my healing journey took me on trajectories that included — not working. And honestly, that’s when I did the most healing than ever, and I finally bit the bait.. if not knowing where my next meal would come from, for years…..

Yet in that time, I learned something new. I learned what it was to not be that person who always worked, always had a job, always had options and had supposedly dream careers that people would die for, or even better love for.

I had opportunity, I had intelligence, I learned from my lineage the best of the best, and also, the worst of the worst.

I personally was in turmoil, yet I remind myself now, “Didn’t you ask for it?”

What? How can you ask for pain, trauma and drama?

Well.. I can say since I was a young child.. I felt a certain kind of magic, for one… we’ll get into that later. Yet for two.. I had decided that I wanted to help humanity, after deciding I’d “be a writer” and for that…I studied what I’d have to do, and I studied Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy. Yet, how can you learn everything from books? You can’t, it’s experience that counts most.

I knew since I was child, that to really understand the needs of a situation, you must experience it.

So somehow, it seems I arrived with a wish, to experience some of the turmoil of humanity so that I could better understand it, and what the needs of the humans are.

It’s time.. It’s time for me to share my learnings, to share my life, my experience, my thoughts, my hopes and my dreams.

Whether you like it or not, it’s up to you. Yet I request of you, if at this point you are already doubting me, my mind, my heart, my mission, without even reading the rest of what I have to say, then to please, just leave now. I have no need for doubters in my life right now, and if you don’t like what I say or how I say it now, then what makes you think you’ll like it later? Don’t torture yourself. This is a time to really come into alignment with what we love. And this is written for people who may benefit from the knowledge of my experience and they way I went about doing it the roadblocks, passages, throughways, flows and magic I received, what I did with it, what I learned, and how I may do differently with all the knowledge, experience, love and hope I’ve gained along the way.

Even with my family’s dramas.. we are a loving people and we intend well. This is written with the core of that loving intention, which I carry for my lineage, for my dreams, for my heart and soul. And I will only have the people in my life, from here on out, who will benefit from my heart, soul and dreams in a win-win-WIN way.. Energy suckers, not allowed. Thank you. I think you get what I mean. If you feel maybe you’re interested, yet you may be wondering if you’re an energy sucker, maybe there’s something here for you too. If you’re someone who enjoys being an energy sucker and your culture loves that, well, I hope you could learn something about that in the text within and my future podcasts, and well as the platform that I dream to develop, have already designed and have a team.. waiting for funding for us to go forth.

I’ve personally needed to get back to basics. And it’s almost like the universe (aka God) orchestrated it…. .. Wow, the serendipities.. the lack of clarity, that which became more clear.

This is for those who want to know the journey and intentions of a Silicon Valley Daughter who after years of returning to the land and dancing her night under the moon and stars, swimming in the sea like a dolphin and talking with the dream world, while embarking left and right on her missions with hoping for her cohearts and support and finding ways to do that.. in ways that are Authentic, and Devoted to Life Thriving, the best we can.. then, great.. this is for you.

This is for those who want to deep their intentions for how they may develop their skills for life and humanity thriving ON EARTH, together.

This is for those who may want to find their purpose.

This is for those who may have been lost, stuck and depressed and not knowing where to turn and how to live.

This is for those who have been traumatized by the energy suckers of the world and want to find a fair and equinamical way to heal their emotional and perhaps even physical scars from being sapped by them in whatever way it is.

This is for people who don’t want to blame people, technology or the future.

This is for people who want to see life come alive and evolve all around them and especially inside of them.

This is for the joyous of living, or who want to enjoy living, this is for the joy of relating or who want to enjoy relating.

This is for those who are devoted to their healing, to their lineage healing, to their ancestors healing.

This is for those who are heeding the call of why they feel they came on earth the most.

This is for the lovers of life, this is for those who will do their mission, whatever it takes, to dream, activation and manifest the reality they dream with all their heart and soul in the most beautiful way.

This is for those who understand that The Most Beautiful way, means beauty in everything from skin to cell, from soul to body, from life to the universe, from all the world to oneself.. Beauty is in every molecule, when we’re grateful for it, when we love it, when we see the gift in it. The gift lays in the spirit of a creation.

Start there.

What’s the spirit of your creation?


D.E. Love writes about life and how we may love it more deeply. She is a conscious creator across industries who dreams of love in all its magnificent forms becoming a deeper part of our lives for thriving into our shared future.

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This is the beginning of a book written by the travels of a young lady from Silicon Valley who embarked on a trip through the world, to learn it, so she can bring the elixir home to help the global community heal, through technology, media and art.

Silicon Valley Daughter – 2

This is the beginning of a book written by the travels of a young lady from Silicon Valley who embarked on a trip through the world, to learn it, so she can bring the elixir home to help the global community heal, through technology, media and art.