We Are The People


In my dream vision..


we are the people..


we are the people who love life, love living, and love each other.


we remember the relevance of life and the passions in our bones, our grit, our sweat, our cells, our every morsel of our embodiment is fully fleshed with intention.. the intention of our hearts and souls….


and how can we remember that, know that, be revealed that – the very essence of our deepest making, that very spark of our existence that came out of, came out of, came out of what?


our free will? our essence of love, our soul, our galactic tribe.. our creators.. the mechanics of this reality that we lay our life into the flux and flow of the interweave of consciousness..


we all share..


or do we?


who are you? and how am I to believe you that you are real?


how am I to see through that glare that gazes at my flesh and nothing beyond?


how do I know what is in the essence of you?


shall I try you? taste you? give me a reason why I would want to do that? what are you going to give me or take from me? Are you with me? can you hear me? can you see me? are you in this game with me, this reality? which one are you ?


what streams do you swim,, and would you like to know what the streams are that I swim? I am a great swimmer, I doggy paddle, I jump through loops and I untie knots all the while undulating in the seas of our dreams, like a light ignited by delight.. not some plight that was told that “that’s what should be” as so was written by some artificially intelligent alchemy programmed by peoples before you and me.


Where are we? IN this mind realm, this field of minds and mind and mind and mind intermingling in the hues and saturation of every virtue and every taboo…


I can never send this, I can never publish this.. so I have thought, these words. that spew through the guts of my fingers on this keyboard, so old fashioned…


yet to speak, is another world.. to write.. is a channel beyond me.. it is me, or is it not me? it is a consciousness that spices itself to come through me… and yes.. it has been angry, it has been sad, it has been love and it is it is, it is.. here for love..


and so it checks itself.. does this mean love? will this conjure love? how could this be more love, true love, unconditional love, love that sees love in the love of all..


yet.. what if I can’t see it in you? is that the separation? are you real and true? how do I know you’re not a robot, with those loops spinning around you and creating the reality of your own stew.


what about if we make a brew where we discuss this experience we weave with our every thought? what about if we break it down into the littles of increments of spins and whistles and dew?


What if we could re-assemble this sparkle dust, a pixie crew, that design and directs the experience of the next stage we set in this phase of our drew.. what we draw, direct, design.. as a people of this time, in their prime, ready to rhyme with the sublime …


You’ve got me, in this flavor, whatever you are, who you listen, are you?


Would you want to hear this?


Me requesting you acknowledge what hums and buzzes inside of you?


Are you willing to unveil the masks that have been strewn of the lights that cry out to be remembered inside of you?


Are you willing to look inside the nooks and crannies of your senses and become a full being, realizing why you are here and what your intention for your personal creation is?


And are you willing to be transparent about it?


You know we can see you. No matter how some may attempt to muddle the communications signals. We’ve already seen it. We know what’s true, as much as we can. And, it’s my heart connected to my soul and connected to yours…




The Dream…


The dream is that I write these dreams.. the dreams as they buzz in my heart, that I sing these dreams, as they pour through my pores, as my cells awaken to the buzz of intention and sing through my every morsel.. the morsels shifting and becoming the most beautiful, epicly divine, pure grace, electro-magnetic creature of awe and wonder.. and the music that comes through resonates and rings in the souls of those who are also here to remember, to wake up, to wake up, to wake up to the dream we are weaving together… that the music is at the heart of it, and together, we are singing it….


Knowing what I know now, knowing what I know what.. what do our people need and how do we find each other?


It’s always been music, yet music, and the places we play, have been hijacked for a long time. there are essences who , well, there are all kinds there.. so to find our kind.. we are all over…


we are all the dreamers of this dream.. so.. the way.. the idea, the potent plan is.. that we decide what to dream together, we make a synergy that we’re aligned with.  This is my plan with my spaceship crew. 


I wonder could that be you too? What if you understood what’s being said in the poetry of this head. Is it your head too? What field are we tapped into? You, me, we.. what shall we dream?


It’s  the fields we tap into, this is the dew on the webs of our dreams.. the ancient water imbued with light, reflecting light in the spirit of our woven creation, dancing in the sun of our emanation.. 


We sing.. we dance.. we close our eyes and dream as we undulate to the going fate, the one where we indicate the intention of this realm’s most significant thing – how we live and activate our every moment is our choice, and we may choose together, in revery, in ritual, in design.


I see you in the spirit of your most beautiful culture, singing the songs that touch our hearts and have meaning beyond words, for they are feelings for the plausivity of life living the dream.. 


What’s the most beautiful aspect of your culture? Your ancient culture, your future culture, your culture now? Can you remember it? Can you feel it? Do you see it? In your minds eye? And how does it touch you? 


Or is it a dream, a dream of another world you have yet seen, intangible, yet a feeling, aching to come alive through your personal live stream of your emboided device online in this vice, of living a life alone with your dreams.. or are you, spill the beans? Do you share with everyone, your most beautiful desires? Or are they considered profane? Have they been lost in the weather, a beautiful plant withered by the nutrients that don’t sustain? 


The weather will have it’s way with me you you say, it is the creator of earth and nothing to do with me, it is the creator of humans, and I am the created, I am not creating, I am certainly not creator, I am created.. So.. I will go with my primitive desires and how they mingle with the complexity of me.. though they say I don’t use 100 percent of my brain, so perhaps there could be more, more of me to this thing.


The weather isn’t simple a blazing sun, a pouring storm, not a blast of the wind.. it is much, much more.. It is us singing our songs of emotion thorugh the fabri of this reality we crave to weave in the dreams, we love.


Beloveds.. could it be true? Could we be quantum creatures entangled in each others hue, saturation and goo?


Why, what would that mean if our mirror neurons spoke with each other, you felt the magnetics of my heart as I felt yours, and there we go spinning around the world even when we’re not near? We only hear.. hear a word, feel a vibe, sense a feeling.. why does it come on when it does and how is it connected to the creator, the creation, the created, and what am I in this significant signal of our love entwined?


Oh here she goes again, her body perking up to the divine.


Some would shake their heads and look the other way. I am sure, perhaps someone will love me.. somewhere some time.. oh wait! the love is in me!


It is valuable this time?


Wouldn’t trade it for a billion dimes.


I am the billionaire of me.


So, stop you fraud alerts, don’t tempt me, to disbelieve in me ever again. Why you poor souls obviously don’t believe in yourselves, so you must thrust it upon another, for some odd reason, that makes you feel superior, you’ve had it over on someone, you win, while gas lighting the people around you that’s not what you mean. The thing is that.. science is catching up, technology is catching up and so are the people. We are parallel with the realizations that are coming to birth into humanity right now. I can know it confidently after years of loneliness of so many having no idea what I am saying, intend, nor am about, and literally, didn’t want to hear. So silent I had to be, until.. I spoke to the sea, the clouds, to the winds, tell me, bring me, bring them..


And trickling in they came, and remembered we did, why we are here to live in this sphere of golden light and love weaving with golden light and love. Yet not just one kind of love, .. the kind of love that honors the grace soul and light within another seeing through it all to the seed, the one that when sparked will lead…


For some the forest is the weeds, for some the forest sings the glories. We are all here to live.


The intention, there within, that is the gem of the treasures within you.. and the treasures within me. Now what those treasures create, where we put our potency our energy what we spawn to grow, what we nurture, this is a part of this global depicture.. and so much of it is so much fun, and joy and love.


It’s like there are many galactic nations coming together in one place and showing the best of their love in the galactic universe of all there is and could be.. For it created many a species throughout the galaxies.. and now earth, our beloved playground where we all come in to a suit of human embodiment, we have one thing in common – sharing life on earth.


So what do we do with this? Coming from many galaxies, aliens of all kinds enhabiting human bodies, of  our own kind… each soul coming into a home of life so we may live an essence through time..


Wait, woah, your galaxy does something to mine.. it changes th eoptions of all it could have ever been.. You strutt your stuff inside of me by sharing your essence of song.. through your beat, your rhythm, your rhyme, I may take the most beautiful and the sublime and allow it to weave through me. Wow, I would have never known if you had never danced with me.


And yes, it was I was searching for you. Like I dreamed you before I met you, and here we are again, teaching each other how to come home to our hearts, the seat of our souls, endowment.


I will just say it, I can’t hide, I may hint. Yet, there are certainly a few of you on earth who have touched my heart so deep so bold, so great.. that it has spawned life through me in such a beautiful way. As if.. I had known, like when I was younger and I wrote about us.. choosing the way.. 


Through change of one choice into another, the choice that we choose now because the trajectory of this planet earth that we steer together. is meant for pilots of heart seeded souls embodied in life on this, beautiful, original, wonderful sphere, the earth, the you, the me, spheres around spheres circumambulating through time and space in a dance of magnetic direction toward the north star we may hold each other accountable to together.. for you remind me of my essence.. and I can dream the true me through you… through me, through you. through me.. we weave..


The light, golden lights of stream, webbed, woven by our dreams.. they are the energy of the reality we make..


So.. what are we committed to on this beloved quest my love?


My Loves.


We Are Beloveds Of Earth.



The Art of Streaming, the art of channeling. Be clear.


So.. the purpose of this stream is about dreams…


We the people, the witches of the lands who stand…


Clear the landscape of our bodies from debris of past generations pain and trauma and clear the debris of any loss and abandonment, for it is time to remember that we are connected, we are in love, and we are in grace in all grounds of momentum, interconnected in the light of this thought, and epiphany so wide and strong that it spreads the lands of the human hearts magnetically woven in this signal carried by the intention of unconditional love through out earth from here on out, forever, in love, we are home.

D.E. Love writes about life and how we may love it more deeply. She is a conscious creator across industries who dreams of love in all its magnificent forms becoming a deeper part of our lives for thriving into our shared future.

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